Our Story

My name is Roxsi, I am 27 years old from Alabaster, Alabama! I have an 9 year old daughter and 4 year old son, they mean the absolute world to me. When I was around 7 my mom bought me sketch book because i thought i wanted to learn how to draw and i don't know why because i can only draw stick people, one day i just started drawing up different types of cropped shirts and different jean styles that i liked or i would try to mimic the styles i seen on TV. I've always been into fashion but i really didn't have to funds for the styles that i wanted to when i got into high school i started making these ripped leggings for myself and i guess everybody liked them because after that i started cutting up everyone's clothes haha, but i didn't think it would lead me into this. I've always known i wanted a business but was hesitant because i don't like failure but how else am I supposed to learn right? it was nobody but God that led me to this clothing line and I know it wont always be easy and I cant make everything perfect but with the help from you i hope that we can grow together! Now who wants to become a part of the RULLETE GANG